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About Us




Hellofrom was founded in 2016 with the ambition to create contemporary memories, and souvenirs that use sophisticated design and sustainable manufacturing, to satisfy the needs of modern living.

Today, this goal remains our mission: through our commitment to the design and production of memorable objects with an international appeal we aspire to make good design accessible to the largest possible audience.

Inspired by the dynamics of collaboration, hellofrom combines the values and talents of local designers with international brands, and engages them in designing city-inspired sustainable and memorable projects that provide added value to the modern traveller of the world.

Our values & philosophy

Hellofrom is built around values that transcend time and space and find expression in unique and creative ways. Taking a holistic stance, hellofrom is deeply rooted in the belief that aesthetics in manners, perception, and style is a philosophy of life.


Collaboration is core

Hellofrom is built around the spirit of collaboration and the way it communicates this core value has been honoured with the global recognition of a Red Dot Communication Design Award. Inspired by the dynamics of synergies, hellofrom combines the values and talents of local designers and makers with leading designers and international brands.

We have built a collaborative community of creative designers and like-minded brands that engages them in designing city-inspired sustainable projects.  Each time the city becomes the touchstone and source of inspiration, and its spirit is woven through the fabric of every collection and project that we develop.



Our environmental and social commitments are an integral part of our values. We recognise our planet is a reflection of the society that inhabits it and take our responsibility seriously for contributing towards a greener environment, and thereby creating a better future for all. That’s why we strive to ensure sustainabilty in every step we take, and are dedicated to complying with social demands, ethical norms and international standards.

Through our collaborations and committed partnerships with carefully selected suppliers and manufacturers, we offer memorable objects of high quality and thoughtful design. We demand our suppliers meet the same high standards that we represent ourselves, in order to ensure all production is carried out by people under decent working conditions.

In our product development process, we focus on the entire life cycle of the product. We minimise the packaging material to reduce our impact on the environment and to lower the use of CO2. We mainly use cardboard or recycled paper as packaging material. At the end of the product’s life cycle, it is important that our use of sustainable materials enables the product to be disassembled, sorted, recycled or used for new energy.


Our philosophy on design

We believe that well-considered design can inspire the choice of a balanced and more harmonious living, thus leading to a better world. Our genuine interest in sustainable design extends to every aspect of our workings.

Every product or service is thoroughly considered with regards to design, value, and purpose. That's why we create memorable objects and services that help to raise awareness and inspire change in people's attitudes leading to a more sustainable future.

The spaces

Hellofrom communicates its core values and philosophy through the design of multi-sensorial and purposeful retail spaces that deliver engaging and unique experiences. Our approach is holistic, and while seeking new locations –permanent or pop-ups- we always consider working with what already exists. It is our intention to celebrate the inspiration coming from each place, using the locally relevant design vocabulary in a respectful manner. Our main interest is to weave ourselves into the fabric of place and add something of merit transforming its poetry in a distinctly unique way.