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Our Store

Hellofrom came alive at hellofrom Thessaloniki retail venue, Proxenou Koromila 45.

Re-imagining the retail store of the future we blended an assortment of elements you typically wouldn’t find in a store (e.g. immersive installations) and has a lot in common with a digital experience, in order to start up a wider conversation about how creative thinking and sustainable design can be used to inspire change and make a positive impact.

The spaces | Our design philosophy

Hellofrom communicates its core values and philosophy through the design of multi-sensorial and purposeful retail spaces that deliver engaging and unique experiences. Our approach is holistic, and while seeking new locations –permanent or pop-ups- we always consider working with what already exists. It is our intention to celebrate the inspiration coming from each place, using the locally relevant design vocabulary in a respectful manner. Our main interest is to weave ourselves into the fabric of place and add something of merit transforming its poetry in a distinctly unique way.